SQARE (Solvers for quantum atomic radial equations) is a library of utilities intented for dealing with functions discretized on radial meshes, wave-equations with spherical symmetry and their corresponding quantum states. The utilities are segregated into three levels: radial grids and functions, ODE solvers, and states.

Purpose of Module

This module provides functions and structures to solve ordinary differential equations on a radial mesh.

Background Information

If the modifications are to an existing code base then this would be the place to describe that codebase and how to get access to it.

Software Technical Information

C with Fortran 2003 bindings.
Documentation Tool

Application Documentation The ESL wiki


A release can be download from This link Current installation and testing are done with gcc compiler. Check (version>=0.9.4) is required for instalation and testing.

Here are the commands for instalation:

$ tar xfvz libsqare-0.0.0.tar.gz
$ ./configure
$ make


SQARE contains several unit tests that can be used to check the compilation and to perform regression testing. These tests can be executed by doing:

$ make check

Source Code

The source code is available from the E-CAM Gitlab under the
sqare project. The SQARE ODE-solvers directory can be found here.
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